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CR-IDInterpret / TitelFormat
C.R.001 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / 1989 7inch Release 1987
C.R.002 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Reagan on Speed 7inch Release 1988
C.R.003 EROTISCHER STUHLGANG / Synositis 7inch Release 1988
C.R.004 INFERNO / Sons of God repress 7inch Release 1988
C.R.005 V/A SREAMING FOR A BETTER FUTURE / In Co Production With Teenage Rebel Records Compilation LP-Release 1989
C.R.006 SCARECROW / S/T 7inch Release 1989
C.R.007 MOMIDO 7 / Lifestyle Disease LP Release 1989
C.R.008 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Julia in Co Production with Incognito Records 7inch Release 1989
C.R.009 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Lange nicht genug 7inch Release 1989
C.R.010 V/A Screaming for a Better Future Vol II / Compilation Lp Release 1990
C.R.011 Monkeys with Tools / 7inch Release 1991
C.R.012 Momido 7 / SS 20 / Split 7inch Release 1991
C.R.013 INFERNO / Die Allerletzte 7inch Release 1991
C.R.014 KLAMYDIA / I really hate you 7inch Release1992
C.R.015 THE LOUD / S/T 7inch Release 1992
C.R.016 SOULSTORM / LP+ CD Release 1992
C.R.017 V/A Screaming for a better Future Vol III / Compilation LP Release 1992
C.R.018 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Civitas Dei/Civitas Terrena 7inch Release 1991
C.R.019 MOMIDO 7 / R.I.P. 7inch Release 1992
C.R.020 TERMINUS / Into The Flames 7inch Release 1992
C.R.021 DR and the Crippens / Live Hearts CD Release 1992
C.R.022 YOUTH GONE MAD / It´s Spreading Again 7inch Release 1993
C.R.023 OI POLLOI / Resist The Atomic Meance 7inch Release 1994
C.R.024 OI POLLOI / Fight Back LP Release 1995
C.R.025 NAKED AGGRESSION / Right Now 7inch Release 1996
C.R.026 TERMINUS / S/T 7inch Release 1996
C.R.027 GODLESS / S/T 7inch Release 1996
C.R.028 BUS STATION LOONIES / S/T 7inch Release 1996
C.R.029 ANGER OF BACTERIANS / S/T 7inch Release 1996
C.R.031 BUS STATION LOONIES / Mad Frank´s Zonal Disco Co. with RUPTERED AMBITION LP Release 2000
C.R.032 MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE / Self Respect 7inch Release 1999
C.R.033 OI POLLOI / Thc 7inch Release 1999/ Repress as Picture 7inch with YOUR POISON RECORDS 2015
C.R.034 V/A Tape Compilation / Old CAMPARY Releases Tape Release 2000
C.R.035 HEIMATGLUECK / Heimatpop 7inch Release 2000
C.R.036 MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE / Reallity Check LP Release 2001
C.R.037 POLIKARPA Y SUS VISIOSAS / Co Production with PREJUDICE PRODUCTION 7inch Release 2002
C.R.038 DISORDER / Kamikaze 7inch Release 2003
C.R.039 EX-CATHEDRA / 2x4= LP Release 2002
C.R.040 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Last Gang In Town 7inch Release 2002
C.R.041 HEIMATGLUECK / Koennen Gebratene Tauben Fliegen ? LP Release 2003
C.R.042 THE DISASTERS / Smile Till You Die 7inch Release 2003
C.R.043 TOR JOHNSON / Justitias Run 7inch (Co. Prod. mit EASTSIDE RECORDS) Release 2004
C.R.044 BAD BLOOD/VALDEZ / Split 7inch Release 2004
C.R.045 V/A Modestadt Duesseldorf Vol 2 / Co Produktion with Teenage Rebel Records CD Release 2004
C.R.046 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Wir Haben Noch Lange Nicht Genug LP Release 2005
C.R.047 OI POLLOI/NIKMAT OLALIM / Split Split LP Release 2006
C.R.048 BAD BLOOD / Ignorance Is Bliss 7inch Release 2005
C.R.049 HEIMATGLUECK / 2 Stück In Einer Packung CD Release 2005
C.R.050 NAKED AGGRESSION/DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Assassin Wanted/Keine Zeit Split LP Release 2006
C.R.053 KHATARINA / Don´t Hesitate To Be A Bastard ! 12inch Release 2007
C.R.051 MARSHMALLOW MUSCHIS / Catfight 7inch Release 2006
C.R.052 SIN LOGICA / The Global Disaster LP Release 2007
C.R.054 LAZY BOMBS / Make Up ! ...Your Mind... CD Release 2008
C.R.055 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Schrei !! 12inch +MCD Release 2008
C.R.056 KHATARINA / Little Girls Never Say No.. 7inch Release 2009
C.R.057 MARSHMALLOW MUSCHIS / Profipunk 7inch Release 2009
C.R.059 OI POLLOI / Ar Ceol Ar Canan Ar A Mach LP Release 2009
C.R.058 EYE FOR AN EYE / Cieza// Co Production with PASAZER RECORDS LP Release 2009
C.R.060 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Jetzt Kommen Die Jahre Co Production with MY DELIGHT RECORDS LP Release 2010
C.R.061 THE GUMBABIES / Split Release with some German D.I.Y Labels 12inch Release 2011
C.R.062 HEIMATGLÜCK / Spass Allein Genügt Nicht Mehr !
LP Release 2011
C.R.063 MDC/ATTENTAT SONORE / split 7inch Co Production with European D.I.Y Labels 7inch Release 2011
C.R.064 EYE FOR AN EYE / Krawedz Co Production with PASAZER RECORDS LP Release 2012
C.R.065 APURTU / Tik Tak LP Release 2012 together with other D.I.Y Labels
C.R.066 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Revolution // together with some other D.I.Y. Labels 7inch Release 2013
C.R.067 ANNE BONNY / S/t 7inch- plant but never released ! Summer 2013
C.R.068 SAIGOONS / In Den Strassen LP in Co Production withMY DELIGHT RECORDS LP Releases 2014
C.R.069 MARSHMALLOW MUSCHIS / Im Bruston Der Überzeugung 9 Track CD in Co Production With The Band CD Release 2014
C.R.070 SCREAMING FOR A BETTER FUTURE Vol.4 with : OI POLLOI,CARTOUCHE,EYE FOR AN EYE.DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE,APURTU and other Bands / Benefit Compilation for Kvu in Berlin,Cafe Exil in Hamburg,Linkes Zentrum Düsseldorf LP in Co Production with John Steam Records LP Releases 2014
C.R.072 KOVAA RASVAA / En Ole Edes Olesmassa LP Production 2014 in Co Production with European DIY Labels
C.R.073 APURTU / Katuen Hirian LP Production 2014 in Co Production with European DIY Labels
C.R.074 EYE FOR AN EYE / Gtos 7inch Production 2014- together with REFUSE RECORDS and BLACK WEDSDAY RECORDS
C.R.075 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / LOS DISCKOLOS / Split LP Production 2014 in Co Production with European DIY Labels
C.R.076 ROBOTS / Fuego Derreido LP Production 2015 in Co Production with European DIY Labels
C.R.077 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / 1985 - 2015 Picture 7inch in Co Production with RUSTY KNIFE 2015
C.R.078 ZOO ESCAPE / Apart From Love 12inch Prduction 2015 together wit some German Diy Labels
C.R.079 APURTU / Orain Aske Zara LP Production 2015 in Co Production with European DIY Labels
C.R.080 SAIGOONS/KASCHMIR KÖTER / Beauty And The Beat Split 7inch Release with SAIGOONS+ELFENART RECORDS 2015
C.R.081 RAKTA / S/T LP Production-rerelease together with RAACOONE RECORDS 2016
C.R.083 OI POLLOI / Unfinished Buisness LP Production 2017 together with some European D.I.Y. Labels
C.R.084 DECRANEO / Sacrilegio 7inch Ep Production 2016 Together With Some European DIY Labels
C.R.085 L.A.S.T. / Punk Against Rock 12inch Production 2017 together with European DIY Labels
C.R.086 PERRÄS SALVAJES / Aun Queda Tiempo 7inch Ep Production 2017 with some European D.I.Y. Labels
C.R.087 THE LAB RATS / Utopia 12inch Production2018 together with PUMPKIN RECORDS an US Label
C.R.088 TENTACULO / II 7inch Production 2018 together with some European D.I.Y. Labels
C.R.089 ALIEN FIGHT CLUB / World Outside LP Release 2020 together with some European DIY Labels
C.R.090 NAKED AGGRESSION/DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Break Free 7inch Release 2019 together with some European DIY Labels
C.R.091 PISSCHARGE / Eden LP Release 2019 together with some European DIY Labels
C.R.092 The RAMONAS / You Ask For It 7inch release 2019 together with MALDITOS VINILOS
C.R.093 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Contra El Tiempo CD release togehter with some german DIY Labels 2019
C.R.094 THE RAMONAS / I Want To Live In Out Of Space LP Release 2020 together with MALDITOS VINILOS
C.R.095 DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / Systemrelevant LP Release with Downloade Code 2021 together with some European Labels
C.R.096 EGUN BELTZAK / A Bask Tribute To Yanka Dyagileva LP together with some European Labels 2022

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